WTFD Policies

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WTFD Policies
1-94 Training Course Requirements and Recommendations 26 Open
2-97 Geographical Response Area Assignments 27 Fire Investigation Response Criteria
3-97 Emergency Expenditure Authorization 28-98 Personnel Riding on Fire Apparatus
4-98 Open 29-03 Fire Department Physical Examinations
5-97 Movement of Fire District Vehicles and Equipment
Outside the Boundaries of Washington Township
30 Open
6-97 Recognition and Awards 31-99 Issuance and Use of Personal Protective Gear
7-97 Reporting of Accidents, Injuries and Theft 32-95 Infection Control
8-97 Ground Rules for Reimbursement of Lost Wages to
Firefighters Injured While on Duty
33-04 Line Officer Qualifications
9-97 Completion and Distribution of Fire Reports 34-06 Electronic Hardware and Communications Policy
10 Training and Qualification of Personnel in the
Operation of Fire Apparatus
35-06 Technical Rescue Team
11-97 Fire Company Financial Audits 36-08 Hazard Communications Plan
12-06 Training and Disbursement of Training Compensation Funds 37-08 Control of Fire Department Equipment
13-97(A) Formation of a Fire Explorer Program 38-10 Health Reimbursement Account for Volunteer Firefighters
14-97 Financial Control of Fire Apparatus Maintenance and Repair 39-2010 Fire Department Purchasing Procedures
15-98 Assignment and Use of Fire Chief Vehicles 40-11 Control and Use of Fire Department Facilities
16-97 Display and Use of the American Flag 41-11 Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
17-97 Qualifications for Membership in the Fire Investigation
Unit and Rules and Regulations for Unit Operation
42-11 Encryption Policy
18-04 Issuance and Use of Firefighter Uniforms 43-11 Email Retention Policy
19-98 Harassment Free Work Environment 43-12 Special Duty Crew Meals and Subsistence
20-97 Recovery of Cost Related to Extinguishment
of Vehicle Fires and Control of Hazardous Material Spills
44-12 Minimum Performance Standards For Active Volunteer Firefighters
21-98 Substance Abuse 45-12 LOSAP Credit For Good Year of Service
22-02 Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention 46-13 Career Firefighting Staff And Volunteer Activities
23 Open 47-13 Electronic Monitoring
24 Open 48-13 Light Duty
25-96 Firefighter Respiratory Protection 49-13 Department Discipline
50-2014 Temporary Administration Policy
51-2015 Personal Cellular Phone Reimbursement
52-2015 Conduct Unbecoming - Arrest
53-2016 Stipend Program for Volunteer Firefighters

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